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Students » 8th Grade Course Selections

8th Grade Course Selections


Students will learn about different artists, media and techniques and how to apply them to their own works of at through drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, and fibers.  Many student projects are displayed at various art expositions throughout the community and may be entered in competitions.  Top art students may enroll in Honors Art with instructor's approval and application. 

Heritage Middle School Band

Students in advanced bands participate in a variety of activities including pep rallies, a high school football game, various concerts including Fall, Christmas and Spring, Solo and Ensemble Contests, UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest, and Pre UIL Contest. Advanced band classes are offered to students who have successfully completed Beginning Band and have been placed, by audition, into advanced band. 


*Requires instructor approval and application.
Broadcast Media, which produces Tiger Vision News, is a course for students interested in television broadcasting. This class will create a daily newscast.  Students will have the opportunity to learn camera techniques, audio, graphics, editing, lighting, interviewing, reporting, script writing, anchoring, producing and directing. 

College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness is a great course to start students focusing on their future and which courses they will need to take in high school to pursue a chosen career field. CCR is an excellent transition course into high school, encouraging students to become more involved as a freshman instead of waiting until their sophomore year. 


This course provides the student with the opportunity to expand their music reading skills and singing range.  Students will be given an opportunity to participate in a Christmas program, a Spring program, compete in UIL Choir Contest, and Solo/Ensemble Contest.

Digital Design

This course offers students the opportunity to use various computer software programs.  Microsoft Front Page, School Center and Adobe Photoshop are used to design web pages for the Middle School web site.  Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel PowerPoint and Access will be learned and used to create brochures, programs, flyers, business cards, address labels, databases, spreadsheets, various documents and slide presentations.

Library Aide 

* Requires instructor approval and application
The role of the student library assistant is to help with the efficient operation of HMS’s library. This includes, but is not limited to: checking books in and out to teachers and students, shelving books, cleaning and straightening the library, creating displays and decorations for the library, using the library resources, assisting students and teachers in finding appropriate materials, and reading.

Students that wish to be library assistants should enjoy reading, be able to make book recommendations to others, follow directions, and present themselves professionally (speaking to others, written work, appearance, and behaviors). Additionally, these students should be able to work independently with little guidance, as the library can get busy.  The ability to problem solve and work in a noisy, busy environment are also highly recommended. There are also times when reading will be the daily assignment.

Other skills needed are the ability to alphabetize books, materials location, computer usage, organization, and the initiative to get work done in a timely manner. 

Office Aide 

* Requires instructor approval and application
Being an Office Aide is a great opportunity to develop your leadership and people skills that you will use the rest of your life. Students greet visitors, sign in students, make deliveries, assist with filing and help with organization of the office. Students are required to fill out an application. The requirements are based on good attendance, punctuality and a cheerful attitude. Students will learn the importance of efficiency and confidentiality while assisting not only the front office but the administrators as well.
As an Office Aide the student plays a very important role in being the first impression of HMS.
Walk in be Inspired, Walk out be Inspiring


*High School Credit
Spanish I is an introduction to the Spanish speaking world, its languages and its people.  Emphasis is placed on the early oral communication skills while developing the listening, reading and writing skills of a second language.  This course require the student to be disciplined, with a commitment to additional study time outside the day.  *Grades earned in this course will be reflected on the student's high school transcript.  Students will also be required to take Spanish II their freshman year of high school. 




Students will learn the basics strands of theatre through a variety of theatrical experiences.  Students communicate in a dramatic form, make artistic choices, solve problems, build positive self concepts and relate interpersonally.  Students may enter Honors Theatre if they have previously completed one year of theatre. 


*Requires instructor approval and application.
This course is designed for highly motivated, independent and creative individuals who wish to create and design the school yearbook.  Students must meet strict deadlines and work before, during, and after school.  Students should also have strong writing skills.  Students will learn about page layout, photography selection, caption and copy writing and more as they create each individual page of the yearbook using publication design software.  All work is computer generated.