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Lora Saso » Mrs. Saso - 8th Grade RLA

Mrs. Saso - 8th Grade RLA

Welcome parents to 8th Grade Reading Language Arts (RLA)!

My name is Lora Saso and I will be your child's 8th Grade On-Level RLA  teacher. This is my sixth year at Heritage Middle School. It is an honor and pleasure to be teaching with a supportive, encouraging & hard working administration, teachers and staff!!


I am originally from Ontario, Canada but have called Lubbock ‘home’ for the past 17 years. I received my Teaching Degree from Wayland Baptist University in 2011.

I enjoy cooking, spending time with my family & friends, and watching movies and reading about historical events. I have been married to my husband Jim for 32 years and have 3 grown daughters.  Christine is a CPA working as an accountant in Dallas, Jamie is a Registered Nurse (NICU) working at Dallas Children's and Monica is a Senior at Texas Tech University. 


How can you help your child with reading?? It's simple:  READ WITH THEM EVERY DAY!! Before TV, movies or video games, have a Family Reading Circle for 30 minutes where everyone enjoys a book. Reading skills cannot improve without practice!  "A family that reads together, grows together!" Thank you for your commitment to your child's education and success! 


Please contact me at anytime if you have any questions or concerns by contacting me at: [email protected] 


1st period - On-Level RLA 8
2nd period - Conference
3rd period - On-Level RLA 8
4th period - On-Level RLA 8
5th period - On-Level RLA 8
6th period - On-Level RLA 8
7th period - On-Level RLA 8
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Students can view my assignments and other instructional material by going to my Schoology Page.
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