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Heritage Middle School

Enrollment Information

Frenship ISD is pleased to offer Online Registration.

Gone are the days of filling out dozens of registration forms by hand at the start of the school year. Frenship ISD has made going back to school easier for returning and new-to-district families with online registration. Parents will now complete required forms online.

Please note, a child should be enrolled by a parent, guardian or a person with control under a court order.  For more information, contact your child's campus
There are two registration modules, one for returning students and one for new-to-district students. To learn more, click on the button below that best describes your student’s current enrollment status with Frenship ISD
Please note: If you are a parent of a current student and will also need to enroll a new student who was not attending Frenship ISD on the last day of school last year, you will use BOTH the Returning Student online module for the returning child and the New Student Registration online module to enroll the new student. 
Why did Frenship ISD launch Online Registration?
The district is committed to strengthening communication and building greater transparency and trust with parents by taking advantage of new technologies that can streamline communication. The online registration module gives parents easy access to the classroom and up-to-date information about their student’s academic progress.
What is campus document review? 
This is a meeting with the parent of a new or returning student and the campus staff, to verify student residency and finalize registration. It is required for all new-to-district families. Please review the documents needed under the New to District enrollment module.   

How to Register Online: 

Before the start of school each year, the district asks families of returning students to update their student’s information using the Returning Student Online registration module. This required process ensures that the district has current emergency contact, medical, and vital information on file for all returning students. The process also provides the district with important information on anticipated enrollment that assists with start of school preparations.

 To open the Returning Student Online Registration Module, log into your Parent Access account 
Please use Firefox or IE ( currently Safari is not supported) 

Register for a Skyward Family Access Account

If you have a student that is enrolled in a Frenship ISD and you need a Family Access login then fill out the online form and your Skyward Family Access credentials will be emailed to the account you provide

Additional Documents Needed to Complete Registration:
  • Proof of residency.(This must be a recent copy of a utility bill, gas, water or electric, or a current lease agreement)
  • Cable or phone bills will not be accepted
Proof or residency can be taken to your students campus in August when you pick up schedule
Online Registration and Enrollment
This process applies only to a student who has never been enrolled or received services from Frenship ISD.
Please use Firefox or IE ( currently Safari is not supported) 
  1. If you do not have a Skyward Family Access account please complete the online application, New Student Online Enrollment Account Creation, to request a Family Access account.
  2. Once the account request has been submitted, an email will be sent to the parent/guardian with account information and instructions on how to continue the enrollment process. 
  1. If you already have a Skyward Family Access account then please register your student through the Family Access Portal
Documents Needed to finalize New-to-District Student Registration and Enrollment
  • Proof of residency.  This must be a recent copy of a utility bill, gas, water or electric, or a current lease agreement
  • Cable or phone bills will not be accepted
  • Bills must be in the parent or guardians name and the address should match the name on the person's ID
  • Copy of your student's official birth certificate. 
  • Copy of current immunization record
  • Copy of your student's social security card
  • Valid ID

On-Line Enrollment Helpful Resources