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Heritage Middle School

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Welcome to 8th Grade RLA! We hope you have an amazing final year of Middle School! 


About Me: I have been in education for 26 years as a teacher, and also have experience running an alternative admission program at Texas Tech University and working for AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) as a National Staff Developer, lead writer, and curriculum writer. In the summer of 2022, I was able to work with teachers in Dallas, San Antonio, Seattle, San Diego, and Wisconsin. I added 20 Graduate English hours to my M.Ed. in Administration where I learned about writing for social media and writing for the digital world. My Master's is from Wayland Baptist University and my extra hours were from Grand Canyon University.

I live in Lubbock, TX with my husband Robert and daughters Haven (11) and Riley (9) who are proud Frenship Tigers. Our fur babies are Maddie, Holly, Shadow, and Bean. We usually travel in the summers. I love to read, write, crochet, and have fun in the kitchen with my girls.

Work Standard Expectations:
Students are expected to complete their own work. This includes all assignments unless explicitly assigned groups. 
All assignments should be turned in on time and fully completed. Late work will not be graded until the student has attended mandatory tutoring to determine why the assignment was not turned in on time so we can work together to solve the issue. 
Complete sentences are required on all written assignments. This includes written assignments completed digitally or on paper. Legibility is required. If it cannot be easily read, the student will need to rewrite or type the assignment. 

Schedule and Remind Codes 

1st period: Honors RLA paigewood1 

2nd period: Conference 

3rd period: On-Level RLA paigewood3 

4th period: Honors RLA paigewood4 

5th period: Honors RLA paigewood5 

6th period: Honors RLA paigewood6 

7th period: Honors RLA paigewood7


Conference Period:  (2nd Period) Contact Information: 

[email protected] Please email directly. (Skyward and website links may not go through).

Email & voice mails are checked before school, during office hours, & immediately after school.

I try to respond to all communication within 24 hours.

To optimize communication, please leave detailed messages, including your name, your student’s name, & the topic of discussion.

How to Succeed in 8th grade?

Organize your materials.

Use an agenda planner each day to keep track of assignments. 

- Turn in work on time. Often assignments build on each other, so if you miss an assignment, you might struggle with future assignments. 

Prioritize homework & extracurricular activities.

Review grades & progress weekly on Skyward.


If a student is having trouble they should speak with their teacher as soon as possible. I will work with the student to schedule time for extra help. Extra help is available before and after school by appointment.